Choosing the Best Dog Food for your Golden Retriever’s Health

Common Health Problems in Golden Retrievers
Here are a few of the most common health problems found in Golden Retrievers:

Allergies: these pups tend to get allergies that cause itchy skin. If you suspect your dog has allergies, take it to the vet. They can try to determine the offending allergen so you can keep your dog safe and happy.
Gastric torsion: in medium and large breeds, this condition is somewhat common and can be fatal. If a dog eats too much or too fast, their stomach will distend and fill with gas. If they then exercise vigorously shortly after eating, their stomach will twist and fold over on itself, trapping that gas inside. Symptoms to watch for include: bloated abdomen, excessive drooling, and attempting to vomit without anything coming up.
Obesity: this is important to prevent because obesity can also cause other serious problems like cancer, diabetes, and joint problems. For more information visit website #thehappypooch.

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