Is CBD Oil Legal?

A lot of misinformation is going around that states with 100% certainty that CBD oil is legal. But, this isn’t exactly the truth. As with many different laws, there are rules and restrictions that accompany CBD.
Normally, the oil is extracted from the leaves of the hemp plant.
But, federal law states that it must come from the stem, root or seed of the hemp plant. A major issue is that the oil in these areas is diluted and not as potent as the oil in the leaves. So, while it may be legal, it needs to be processed properly for the legal status to stick.
Most states have legalized hemp oil for medicinal use, but if it’s a low dosage, it is allowed to be imported and sold in the country.
Texas, for example, has passed legislation that allows for this oil to be sold legally. There are distribution rules in place, and the local government will oversee the distribution of the oil in the state.
The reason for the state allowing the oil to be sold is based on the many benefits that it offers (we’ll talk about this shortly). When you apply the oil to your skin, you’ll be able to help treat epilepsy, kill certain cancerous cells and even stop metastasis of more aggressive cancers.
So, there are sound and proven medical benefits to this compound, and more states are passing legislation allowing for the legal use of CBD. For more information visit website through #cbd pills.

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