Panasonic All Series Wireless Speakers Review

Take pleasure in your home sound experience with the Panasonic latest bluetooth speakers Multi-room engineering. Play practically any audio track from any source - your own personal selection, a streaming service or your phone - almost about an thing you choose on, all controlled because of your Smartphone.

Multi-room offers the best in sound convenience and management. Handle your music one device and construct the body along with the addition of option compatible multi-room speakers and parts created by same finish.

Control each speaker occasions to play completely different music in most area, or utilize them to demonstrate pride from the music via your home -you may additionally join up speakers to produce your own personal 5.1 music system.

Top quality audio streaming
Hook up the ALL8 to your existing wireless local area network to find yourself in an essentially limitless supply of good quality sound music together with easy set up as possible administration from your own phone. Down load the free app for golem and ions devices to select your music source and begin taking pleasure in music quickly and simply, all from on-line subscription providers or net radio stations.

Along with the Panasonic latest bluetooth speakers, you will flow your favorite rings and artists to specific areas in house or apartment using a bunch of ALL8 speakers and build an extensive multi-room audio atmosphere. Or, use Party Mode for you actual track to each speaker for a synchronic celebration sound recording that'll sound good for you.

Effective Experience
Appreciate clear energetic sound with the ALL8 that's made around an adaptable 5 electro-acoustic transducer.

Comprised of 2 bass drivers, 2 tweeters and a registration, the ALL8's audio sign spans a broad acoustic distinction, covering, mids, largemouth bass and trebles with an incredibly genuine and resounding sound. You'll enjoy crisp best clear sounds and well layed out instrumentation with good balanced bass and a low frequency response.

Using a second generation LincsD-Amp, these ALL8 method uses selection has much different sound framing current technologies to create best sound for the size together with compact distortions and best actually managed harmonics for immaculate songs replica.

Simple management
Download the Panasonic Music Buffering App to get control of a big selection of audio resources for supreme control and also incomparable option.

Supported by ions and also golem systems, the Panasonic Music Streaming App allows you to lookup in your music library along with subscription music suppliers and for that reason you might never have one thing to spend listen to. You have all what it takes to produce playlists for songs or play a melody moment you employ it together with the responsive and also easy-to-use interface.

Design and performance
Designed to suit effortlessly into your residence and unobtrusive audio, the ALL series speakers have a straightforward nonetheless elegant style that'll accentuate the interior decoration almost regarding any area you determine them in.

With the Panasonic latest bluetooth speakers, you will stream your favorite bands and artists to specific rooms in house or apartment with a bunch of ALL8 speakers and build an extensive multi-room audio atmosphere, Check out more about Panasonic multi room speakers review. For more info on Panasonic multi room speakers visit

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